School Norms


Northwest Academy of Health Sciences is a FAMILY! We stick together, work together, achieve together and win together!



*Are respectful of ourselves, our teachers and our peers.

*Respect each other’s culture, background and differences.

*Strive to earn A’s and B’s in all of our classes.

*Come to school PREPARED with ALL materials EVERY DAY.

*Turn our work in ON TIME and make it up when we are absent.

*Use our agenda books daily to show we are young professionals in training.

*Attend coach class and ask for help to achieve academic excellence.

*Participate in school clubs and activities.

*Wear our uniform CORRECTLY EVERY DAY.

*Walk in the halls without cursing, yelling, and running.

*REFUSE to bully or accept bullying from ANYONE in the NAHS family.

*Promote a positive image in school and the community.

*Remind our peers of the Northwest Academy Way.

*We help others who need help.

*Keep our school clean by picking up after ourselves in the classroom, hallways and cafeteria.

*Follow our school norms, code of conduct and classroom/cafeteria routines.

*KNOW and LIVE our school vision and mission.

*Have Fun!

We, the STAFF…

*Build positive, respectful relationships with students, parents and colleagues.

*Greet each other and our students throughout the school day.

*Provide high quality, engaging, customized learning which includes small group instruction.

*Hold students to high academic and behavior standards.

*Collaborate with our colleagues both inside and outside of NAHS to promote continuity, high quality instruction and consistent practices.

*Provide EXCELLENT customer service by responding to emails and phone calls from parents within 24-48 hours.

*Maintain and utilize our lesson plan binder as a visible resource and evidence of Domain 1.

*Meet all school wide and county deadlines.

*Dress professionally.

*Treat our students and colleagues as unique individuals and respect each other’s differences.

*Appreciate, honor and celebrate diversity within the school community and student body.

*Expect parents to participate in school activities, volunteer, and support the NAHS vision and mission.

*Have fun!