Black History Month 2021 Contests

 The following contests are open to all NAHS students (for rules, visit each page):

Weekly Trivia Contest

Black History Month T-Shirt Contest

NAHS Black History Month Poster Contest

to the middle school winner of the BCPS Black History Month Writing Contest, NAHS 8th grader F. Olufayo! 

Their poem honors Maya Angelou:

With dark, steady hands that hold ink and pen, 

That writes stories, recall memories  

Writings of activism, of power, 

words spill over the pages and feel  

feel like hope, like sacrifice, 

like tears of those who came before me. 

Who had courage, was Maya Angelou 

whose hands voiced those who couldn’t 

whose voice speaks steadily, 

of caged birds in her path to freedom. 

I, too, speak of caged birds, 

of injustices of my time and years before 

I hold firmly to the legacy Angelou remarks  

I grasp onto her words, her music  

Because she is there, inspiring me to write for her, 

for people who look like me, 

brown skin and glassy eyes 

like the sun 

Where my country is more just 

more civil, more room for progress 

I stand on Angelou’s words 

their ink splatter and spread to others 

and I write my own too, to hope that my child’s country 

will be better as well. 

I now know why The Caged Bird Sings.  

It sings of oppression, 

It cries of sadness,  

but it sings of hope.