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Recommended Reading
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Library Policies
3 books maximum, at one time

Check Out
Book Check Out: 3 weeks, can be renewed if not on hold

Lost Books
If a book or other material is lost or damaged, a student must pay for it in one of two ways. A refund will be issued if the book is found in good condition:

  1. Exact cash
  2. Working it off.
    1. If a student chooses to work a fine off, they need a signed  permission slip.
    2. The number of hours is based upon the Federal Minimum Wage ($7.25/hour rounded to the nearest quarter hour amount).
      1. For example, if a student owes a fine for a $21 book, they would work 3 hours or twelve 15 minute sessions.
    3. Students work during part of their lunch period.


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