History Day

Parent Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

            Northwest Academy is excited to announce that our students will be participating in National History Day. National History Day is a nationwide program in which students conduct historic investigations into topics that relate to a national theme. Students conduct research using primary and secondary resources and complete a historical paper, museum-style exhibit, performance, documentary, or website based on their selected topic.

The theme for this year is Breaking Barriers in History.  History Day projects require extensive research, both inside and outside the classroom.  Each step in the process of conducting research will be monitored through status reports, students will receive a grade for individual parts of the project.  The project will start in September and will be due in January.  Status Reports and additional information are located on our History Day padlet:

In January final projects will be graded, and winners will be selected to compete against other student entries from Baltimore County. On January 22nd 2020 from 6-8pm we will host our History Day Showcase and Activity Night. We cordially invite all families to participate in our activity night.      

Additional information will be shared through your child’s Social Studies teacher and BCPSOne Schoology updates. Please review the project outline and expectations with your student. The National History Day website at also has additional information about the benefits of the National History Day program.

             If you have any questions please contact myself or your child’s Social Studies teacher. Thank you for your support and cooperation.



Ms. Hoke

Social Studies Department Chair               

History Day Resources

National History Day Website

History Day Project Outline and Due Dates

Due Date


Student Check

Points Possible

Points Earned


Status Report #1





Status Report #2





Status Report #3





Status Report #4





Status Report #5 and Typed Annotated Bibliography Due






Status Report #6 - Student Process Paper Due






All Final project -Materials Due Presentations to class begin 1/7/19




January 22nd 2019

NAHS History Day Showcase and Activity Night






BCPS History Day Competition






Student NHD Timeline 


Explore NHD theme

  • Use padlet resources to choose possible topics
  • Explore the type of project you want to create
  • Get topic approved and start researching



  • Students work on finding primary and secondary sources to support their topic
  • Make time to visit the library and attend a History Day Coach Class
  • Start creating annotated bibliography of 10-15 sources. Students should include one sentence for each source to indicate how they feel it may be of use to them.


    Assemble Project

  • Create annotated bibliography
  • Write process paper
  • Assemble project 


    Final Project Due for Classroom Presentations

  • Students submit a final copy of the process paper. This paper must be free of all grammar errors and cannot exceed 500 words in length.
  • Students submit a final copy of the annotated bibliography. This bibliography must be free of all grammar errors, follow accepted bibliographic format and citation, and correctly distinguish between primary and secondary sources.
  • Students bring into school their final project

    School wide competition

  • Students attend the school wide competition and present their project to NAHS community


    District wide competition

  • Details of where and when the competition will take place will be communicated, revisions to projects

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