Uniform Guidelines

2021-2022 NAHS Uniform Guidelines and Dress Code Requirements

The NAHS uniform policy is designed to:
-Promote a safe and orderly learning environment
-Promote a cohesive atmosphere
-Discourage inappropriate attire (ie- shirts with profane words and symbols, advertisements for smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc.)

The Policy:

  • Students will wear the uniform every day; unless otherwise noted and administrative communication is provided to families for special events. 
  • Students must be in uniform for field trips, assemblies, and all after-school activities (unless otherwise communicated by school personnel). 
  • Students will be asked to change if they are not in uniform, and will be permitted to wear clean donated uniforms if available. Phone call will be made home for uniform infractions and a school consequence (i.e. detention, demerit, loss of incentive, etc.) will be provided. 
  • Being in uniform is NON-NEGOTIABLE. 

All students are required to wear the following

1. A polo style shirt that may bear the NAHS logo:

  • 6th Grade- Red or Gray
  • 7th Grade- Light Blue or Black
  • 8th Grade- Burgundy or Gold

2. Bottoms should reflect BCPS dress code policy including

  • Young Men:  pants or knee length shorts pulled up on the waist and secured with a belt
  • Young Ladies: pants or knee length skirts, shorts or skorts

3. Jeans and pants, skirts, skorts or shorts with holes are not permitted. 



  • Hoodies should not be worn on the head during the school day
  • Coats (should be stored in locker during the school day)
  • Shirts without a collar
  • Bandanas, durags, and bonnets
  • Blankets
  • Shorts and skirts should be at or below fingertips
  • Hats
* Book bags are to be stored in lockers during the school day.

Because they pose a potential safety hazard to our students, the following shoes are not permitted: 

  • Heelys (shoes with removable wheels in the heel)
  • Flip Flops
  • Shower Shoes
  • Athletic Slippers
  • House Slippers
  • Open-Toed Shoes
  • Crocs