Health Suite (Nurse)

The purpose of the Health Suite is to provide first aid for sick or injured students while they are in school as well as plan for the care of students with health care needs.

Contact Nurse Jett
Phone: 443-809-0790
Email: [email protected]

Student Procedure in the Health Suite

Students need to have a pass to come to the Health Suite.  If it is determined that a student needs to go home, their parent/guardian will be notified.  Please don’t forget to notify the Health suite or office when any contact information changes- fill out a new copy of our emergency contact form.

Just a reminder when your child is absent for an extended illness, injury or operation, please provide a doctor’s note with special instructions if any exist.  A doctor’s note is required for crutches and to use the elevator. 

Please connect with the health suite if there are any changes in health status of your students. 

Important Health Information for Students and Families:

Baltimore County Department of Health Vaccine Appointment Hotline:

How to Determine if Your Child is Too Ill for School

Cold and Flu Season:

Seasonal allergies:

The school health suite does not give allergy medication to students unless supplied by parents with a Doctor’s Order.