Transfer Information

Information for parents/guardians of transfer student(s).
Before you come in:

  1. Find and gather these items:
    1. For the child, you will need:
      1. birth certificate or baptismal certificate for the child
      2. the child's immunization record from a doctor or a previous school
      3. withdrawal packet from the previous school that includes credits earned and current report card
      4. standardized test scores, if available
      5. Maryland Student WithdrawalTransfer Record (if from a Maryland School)
    2. For the parent, you will need:
      1. a photo ID for the parent, such as a driver's license (If the ID includes an address, it must match  the address being used for registration.)
      2. in the case of court involvement regarding custody, you will need documentation of custody.
    3. For proof of residency, you will need:

      proof of ownership, such as deed, signed settlement sheet, title, mortgage coupon book, or tax bill.


       a copy of your signed lease, dated and signed (If your lease is from a private individual rather than a rental company, you will also need the landlord to provide proof of ownership for the property.)


      Three current documents, dated within the previous 60 days, to prove name and address, such as bank statement, credit card statement, utility bill, cable bill, phone bill.

  2. Make an enrollment appointment with guidance (443-809-0788)
  3. Fill out these forms: 
    1. Record of Physical Examination Form 
    2. Consent for Administration of Approved Discretionary Medications and Health Contact Information

When you come in, bring the following:

  1. Any forms you have filled out
  2. Any necessary documents listed in the New Student Enrollment Information
  • If you and your child are living with a relative or friend, you must be approved for shared domicile enrollment through the local school's Pupil Personnel Worker.  The school will help you with contact information.  If your living arrangement is the result of loss of housing or other economic issue, please notify school personnel immediately so that we may assist with the enrollment process under the federal law, Mckinney-Vento.  Shared domicile arrangements must be renewed for each school year.  We appreciate your patience with this process.
  •  All non-resident students, agency placed, kinship care, and family hardship, must be processed by a Pupil Personnel Worker prior to enrollment in a Baltimore County school.
  • A student who has fraudulently enrolled in a Baltimore County school will receive written notification from the principal of withdrawal in 10 days. Parents will be responsible for tuition for the time spent in a Baltimore County school.